From Tony & Rose Cuarteros:

As parents, we wish for nothing more but to ensure that our children are well-equipped with all the tools needed to be the best they can be. Planning, we believe, starts early on if we want the best for our son. This is what we have in mind when we posed the challenge to PTLC to help us prepare Anton for 'big school'.

Anton's improvement with his stay in PTLC was recognizable. He started to be more engaging with other kids. He is always fond of sharing stories about his friends and the time he spent with them when he gets home from school. Beyond his academic progress, this was also key for Anton's readiness.

Living up to their word, PTLC helped Anton achieve an important milestone --- he recently been accepted at Ateneo. This small success is a good indicator that our plans for a bright future for our son were built on a strong foundation through the support of PTLC.

We wish that PTLC will be able to maintain their high passing rate to Ateneo. Kudos and many thanks!

From Mia Grey:

Before deciding to enroll my daughter Chesca in PTLC, I had her participate in the school’s summer program, just to see if she would like it, and it also allowed me to observe how the teachers handled the children.  What I saw convinced me that PTLC was the best school for my child.

PTLC does not just focus on the cognitive or academic side but aims to develop the child’s emotional well-being as well.  They try to teach the kids to be confident and to learn to express themselves freely, but at the same time, they try to teach the kids responsibility and to learn to differentiate right from wrong.

Teacher Ina and the rest of the teachers of PTLC have established not just a place of learning, but a place where children are loved & nurtured-- a real home away from home.

From Jay Fajardo:

When I was introduced to the school, I was excited about the learning system and its innovative approach to early stage education.  After learning the rationale behind the system from Teacher Tina, I was eager to immediately immerse my daughter in it.  I was confident that the teaching method would effectively identify and refine my daughter’s latent abilities more than what could be done at home or at any other learning method I had been familiar with.

The school itself impressed me with its well designed layout that addressed each of a child’s pre-school needs, fully equipped with teaching materials that made me excited for my daughter.

True enough, since entering PTLC, Jaz’s progress became immediately apparent by an amazing degree.  She bloomed in all aspects you would expect a pre-school to enhance in a child such as motor skills, artistry, and academic faculties.  But also of significance is the noted development of her confidence and character, her social skills and behavior, a richer vocabulary, and impressive grammar skills.That is particularly significant given that the school only started two months ago.

Beyond the school, the PTLC learning system has also provided my wife and me with additional perspective to child rearing and development.  We used methods and philosophies gleaned from the system with Jazz at home.

I am very happy that my daughter is one of the first batches of children in the country to be schooled by the PTLC learning system. In fact, I feel that Jazz and her classmates have a head-start on other children by going through the system.  On a daily basis, I eagerly anticipate every new and amazing experience my daughter takes home to me from PTLC.

From Albert and Menchie Tantoco:

Academically, we were surprised that she recognizes most letters of the alphabet and can count to ten and sometimes beyond.  While she was always been animated, her stories are now becoming more coherent and easier to follow and understand.

Socially, Lia has begun to get along better with her kuya, our help and other kids.  Sharing is a very big thing with her.  After some internal struggle, she now shares everything she has.  She has also learned to wait when others are not yet ready to share their things.  She is also very sensitive to those who do not want to share.  And rather than fight, she has learned to walk away from them.

Emotionally, she seems to be on a more even keel.  She is learning to handle disappointment better.  She still gets upset but recovers quickly when her attention is called.

We are pleased and amazed at Lia’s development.

From Inna F. Gimenez:

I would like to commend the faculty and staff of PTLC for the great job they are doing in educating their students. Not just in academics but also in helping with the social and emotional development of the kids. Nicole has truly learned a lot from the system and has benefited greatly from the attention and care given by her very capable teachers and teacher aides. Thanks for the wonderful job in contributing to the holistic growth of the kids and teaching them more than the basic ABCs. Keep up the good work!

From JP and Nikki Diyco:

Both our sons are currently enrolled in PTLC and we only have the best praises for this school. When our eldest Raco first started here, the biggest change we noticed was the blossoming of his social skills and love for learning.

As the system is progressive, all areas of development are tracked and parents are kept up to date not just during parent-teacher conferences, but through activity reports given every two months. We find out from these reports what our kids actually do in school complete with pictures! The teachers are also very involved in the development of our kids and can focus on each child's needed areas, like reading, writing or even confidence skills.

Raco is graduating next year and has just passed the Ateneo grade 1 entrance exam, while Migo has just started Nursery - we moved him from another school mid year and PTLC accommodated the sudden change. He used to cry every morning before going to his old school but now he enjoys PTLC so much he doesn't want to go home!. Looking forward to another year together!

Keep it up PTLC! Great job they are doing in educating their students.

From Kristine Dimalaluan:

Our son Marcus has so far been doing very well in Ateneo, in academics and in his social interactions with his classmates and teachers. We parents believe that a good part of this is the foundation developed during his 3 years at PTLC. Transitioning from PTLC to Ateneo was never a problem, in fact, we feel that it was more a continuation than a transition as we hardly noticed any adjustment he had to make.

In academics, the lessons during his last months at PTLC were in line with the lessons during the first months of school. In his interactions in school, he is a very happy kid. In fact, there was no anxiety at all during the first few days despite him having to transition to a new environment, new teachers and friends. It just went by with much ease.

In hindsight, we parents strongly believe that we made the right choice in sending Marcus to PTLC 4 years ago. Marcus would not be enjoying this new chapter of his life if he was not prepared very well by the teachers and friends from that nice little school at Blue Ridge!

"The teachers are nurturing and loving while providing the structure and guidance my son needs. Their unique learning materials and safe place for outdoor play also made us choose PTLC. My son absolutely loves going to school." - Jen Cortez

Thank you teacher Lanie and Teacher Ina. May God continue to bless the work of your hands.


As a parent, I know how crucial and daunting it is to look for the best preschool possible for our kids. My child was enrolled in two different reputable preschools before we discovered PTLC. From what I observed it was only in this school that my son thrived – both in skills and academics. I believe this is because PTLC uses a different approach – the “Disney-inspired” teaching method. I admit that at first this came off as a little “frivolous” even for a preschool but don’t be deceived by the word “Disney” – this school is definitely not about Cinderellas and Snow Whites and pretend play! It was a bit of an “eye-opener” for us when we asked Teacher Ina, the directress, on why they named their teaching style “Disney-inspired”.

I have to give kudos to their wonderful teachers, who I feel genuinely love their profession and especially their students. Their enthusiasm for teaching creates a positive environment which is conducive for the children’s social and developmental growth. As parents we always look forward to our PTC because their holistic approach leaves no stone unturned in relation to my child’s well being. For me this is important as each child is special and has his/her own strengths and weaknesses. The school understands this and emphasizes parent-school cooperation to support and maximize the child’s development as the year progresses.

As my son is due to graduate this school year I thank the PTLC family for being a key enabler in his wonderful educational journey. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone who wishes to avoid the “cookie-cutter” way of teaching children! For those interested please do not hesitate to ask more about their innovative teaching method.

Ruth Ann Tan

Mommy of Russell and Rhianne

My kids and I arrived from the United States on March 2019. Immediately, I started my search for the perfect preschool for my son and daughter.

Xavi, 4 years old at the time, was bright but timid. Isabel, 3 years old, yearned to start school and make friends. I was determined to find an institution that can help develop their social skills. Additionally, because I have to study/work in Canada for a year, I was looking for a school that will prepare my kids for this big change.

Searching for a school that fits our children's needs is sometimes frustrating and in my case daunting. I say this because not only do we want to get our money's worth in good quality education, but most importantly, I believe that our kids need genuine and emotional understanding by the people we trust to care for them.

After a number of site visits with different schools in our area, I discovered Positive Thinker Learning Center Inc. and met with the school directress, Ina Estrada-Tulio, also known as Teacher Ina.

I was positively captivated with Teacher Ina’s passion for teaching. For this reason, I signed Xavi up for the PTLC summer school program. Best decision I made! My son was happy and thriving. I enrolled both children for SY 2019-2020.

Their curriculum focuses, not only in academics, but also (and not limited to) the socio-emotional development of each child, which is equally important. Given my situation, it gives me peace of mind knowing that my children are in good hands in both aspects.

Last but not least, they provide a fun and safe environment, that both my kids happily look forward going to, everyday!

PTLC is a community of passionate teachers and caring parents, and they have been nothing short of amazing! I am forever grateful to each and every PTLC teacher, for the hard work and effort they put into teaching, caring and giving joy to Xavi and Izzy.

Manuelita Franchesca O. Castaneda

“Mommy Chesca”

Thank you. Thank you for the genuine concern that you are showing to the kids and to us parents. It’s uplifting know that your school is more than a venue for learning for the kids, but also to us parents who are sometimes clueless on how we are doing as we raise our kids.

I was telling my husband and my mom about the things that you mentioned yesterday. Hopefully things will be better.

Thank you for seeing us as family. There’s nothing more comforting to hear that from the school. I just know that my child is in good hands. And I couldn’t thank you enough for that.

Isa Domingo Berdin

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