Positive Thinker Learning Center (PTLC) prides itself for being a well-known progressive preschool in Quezon City and also as the first Disney-inspired preschool in the Philippines.

The concept of being the first Disney-inspired preschool in the country started when Teacher Ina Estrada-Tulio, directress and founder of PTLC, worked at the Disney Children’s Center in Burbank, California after years of teaching in different preschools using different teaching methods in the Philippines. The Disney Children’s Center is a progressive preschool exclusive to the children of The Walt Disney Company employees.

After working there for ten years, Teacher Ina fell in love with Disney's progressive style of teaching. So in 2006, armed with her Psychology degree and Master’s degree in Child Development and with the Disney board's permission, Teacher Ina put up a Disney Children’s Center replica of her own in Quezon City. From the small 1:5 teacher-to-student ratio, the size and look of the colorful Disney classrooms all the way down to the fun learning materials including the activity sheets, everything at PTLC today is what you will see in its Burbank, California preschool counterpart.

At Disney, everything starts with the imagination, and a strong imagination encourages children to learn through the avenue that works best for them. That’s what PTLC inspires in every child who enters the school. Our individualized teaching and developmentally-appropriate instruction makes learning a wonderful and enriching experience.

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